Andrew Brenza’s poetry focuses on the creation of intellectual and emotional transformations through the radical reconfiguration of page space and fundamental alterations of conventional syntactic and semantic structures. His work has appeared in many online and print journals, selections of which are listed below.


Gossamer Lid

Gossamer Lid (Trembling Pillow Press, 2016)

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Davy Knittle reviews Gossamer Lid in American Microreviews

Praise for Gossamer Lid:

“Define the constellations. Fly to them on wings that, though so-named, are much more solid than gossamer. Add commentary to & on—sometimes directly relevant, sometimes provoked or stimulated by, sometimes tablet wor(l)dplay, sometimes the ranting of a wordsmith howling at the moons that there weren’t enough words in the language & he’s sometimes had to make more up. Gossamer Lid is both a gnostic gospel for the 21st century & an alchemist or chiromancer’s journal. The entire is a book of poetry that is wide-ranging, brilliantly integrated, oft-times demanding in the reading of it. But well worth that reading. & you’ll never see the night sky in the same way again.” — Mark Young

“The poet Paul Celan changed his German when it sought to eradicate him. In parallel, Andrew Brenza constructs tongue-twisting portmanteaus and neologisms because English refuses to register the environmental eradication (the ‘horrorscope’) to come. Gossamer Lid asks us to approach the earth from a new angle. Concrete poetry meets the poetics of hard science in this necessary constellation of ‘striploss sunbliss.'” — Jena Osman

“Andrew Brenza’s gift splays gossamer and gusto via aptly architected and sonically potent language that recasts its role into a fundament that morphs beyond what was thought possible. I am stunned by the exquisite recreation of what syllables can do together, what visual dimensions resonate far beyond page-bound depictions of their own miraculous being. This is poetry that confronts the curious reality of how small our species is with the largest picture that we stretch to know. Concurrently, we discover an immensely robust life force in Brenza’s mind, defying all suspicion of our collective insignificance! Do not miss this book. It is extraordinary.” — Sheila E. Murphy



Bitter Almonds & Mown Grass

Bitter Almonds & Mown Grass (Shirt Pocket Press, 2018)


waterlight (Simulacrum Press, 2018)

an excerpt from Alphabeticon

an excerpt from Alphabeticon (No Press, 2018)

8 Constellations

8 Constellations (Beard of Bees, 2017)

And Then

And Then (Grey Book Press, 2016)

21 skies

21 Skies (Shirt Pocket Press, 2015)

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